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YouTube says it is aware of this bug and is working on it. You can read more on this issue and possible workarounds in our dedicated coverage here. Users of multiple platforms including Apple TV, Nvidia Shield, and Android TV have complained about YouTube TV Olympics 4K streaming issues. The YouTube “Oops, something went wrong” error is now fixed if the word of a Google Community Product Expert is anything to by. YouTube has confirmed that they’re aware of the issue where Spanish audio overlaps the English audio and said that they’re already working on a fix. YouTube live stream is reportedly not working. Trying to do so results in a “Live streaming isn’t available right now” error message.

  • Dota 2 Disk Write error is something click here that may be related to error 127, these are issues that have come up repeatedly when the video game has bugs in your files.
  • When finished, restart your computer, and try checking for Steam Disk Write Error again.
  • Airdrop works in both directions, so you’ll be able to upload your photos in this way as well.
  • EaseUS MobiMover is a program that allows you to share files between your iOS device and your PC in an easy manner.

The default is 0.1, while many players prefer 0.05 or lower. This can come with serious performance issues but it’s worth putting it as low as possible to get more instant reactions.

Genshin Impact ‘failed To Check For Updates’ Fix

Make sure you are on the latest GPU drivers as well, as those could be in need of an update. While you are here, make sure you check out our other guides for the game as well. By the way, you can restore it by clicking the “Enable All” button in the same window. My game loads into the white screen and then drops off into the black with the singing in the background, but nothing else at all. But the downside is that it worked but every time i enable it back it just keeps closing and the screen turning into pure white.

How Do I Turn Off Vsync In Windows 10?

You can troubleshoot by disabling the Antivirus/Firewall application on your system. And try downloading or updating the game once again to see if the error persists. Write protection prevents a computer from altering or adding files to a folder or an entire drive. If you think this is the source of the problem, check which drive your Steam games are stored on and remove write protection from that drive.